Jewelry Care

Each piece of Autograph Jewelry is handmade and should be treated with care to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment.  We suggest removing jewelry while swimming, bathing, exercising and working with chemicals or harsh abrasives.  

Gold pieces can be cleaned with a polishing cloth or warm, soapy water and a soft toothbrush.  A gentle jewelry cleaner that is specifically designated for gold jewelry may be used in some cases but we suggest reading the instructions and testing the cleaner on a small portion before cleaning the entire piece.  

Most gemstones do not stand the force of cleaning agents, polishing cloth or ultrasonic or steam cleaners. Please clean gemstone jewelry only with water, polishing cloth or professional cleaning. Keep gemstones away from high heat, chemicals, creams, oils, perfumes, and household cleaners.

Autograph Travel jewelry collections are plated sterling silver with 14 karat Rose/Yellow gold or Rhodium Plating and set with Cublic Zirconia. While these are fantastic pieces that look like the real thing they require extra care. Do not get them wet. To ensure the longevity of the plating clean only with a polishing cloth and take care to put creams and perfumes on before your jewelry.

Diamond Quality

We use G to H color VS to SI quality diamonds, in all our pave pieces.