About Us


Founder and designer of Autograph Jewelry, Liora Berdugo has always had a personal relationship with jewelry. Her earliest childhood memory is of napping under her mother’s desk at her Jewelry Store. As a teen she dabbled in jewelry design without motive but rather for the thrill of being able to bring clients unique ideas to life. Liora later went on to study Gemology and Design in Florence, Italy at the Gemological Institute of America. When she met her husband, a diamond buyer and second-generation diamond cutter, Liora relocated to California where she was able to hone her design skills at TACORI. Autograph Jewelry was born from the desire to create exceptional, top quality jewelry for every woman. Jewelry, like an “Autograph” is individual. For generations, women across cultural and religious boundaries have adorned jewelry to express her creative self. The pieces, which are inspired by a love of life, Los Angeles, music, travel and rock and roll are for everyday with an edgy twist. Autograph is driven by the elusive. Feminine, yet fierce pieces to be worn and passed down for generations.